Dec 172012

In today’s world, change is the constant. The population, environment, industry, agriculture, commerce and political climate all generate different demands on civil engineering. In other words, “Civilization demands its place.” Civil engineering provides the solution. At GEA we are dedicated to Engineering civilization, one project at a time.

Most of today’s civil engineering deals with roads, structures, water supply, sewerage, flood control and traffic. All necessary. All complex. GEA addresses these commercial and residential challenges with an a wide array of civil engineering services including site design, transportation and structural engineering – all with an eye toward synergy with the environment

GEA  is reputed for creating innovative and cost-effective solutions to today’s design challenges in private, municipal, industrial and commercial land development.  Our staff and associates are recognized for their outstanding technical and creative abilities in planning, design, permitting, environmental services and construction administration.


Our Civil Engineering Capabilities

• Public Works
• Project Management
• Watershed Studies and Design
• Bridge Design
• Channel Improvement
• Best Management Practices
• Flood Control
• Park and Recreation Design
• Urban Streetscape

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