Our Mission



The undeniable manifestation of the human spirit is the civilization it creates.  While great civilizations have risen, flourished and ultimately fallen over the course of history, their lasting legacy perseveres. In a physical sense, this legacy outlives the ethics of the society that created it and dwells in the evidence that remains; architecture and infrastructure.  The daily lives, dreams and ambitions of the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Aztecs and other great civilizations have all but vanished into antiquity.  However, their pyramids, buildings, bridges, dams, aqueducts, cities and infrastructure continue to fascinate and enrich us to this very day.

Global Engineering Associates Mission Statement:

To provide exceedingly excellent architectural and engineering services to our clients.

To fulfill this vision, we make this solemn commitment to our profession, clients and employees:

To Our Profession:

We will continually strive to advance the overall benefits of civil engineering to mankind.  Our efforts will be empowered by vision, innovation and a steadfast commitment to practical application.  We understand the massive impacts on future generations brought about by the practice of our profession and count it an honor to lay the groundwork for a world that is better than our own.

To Our Clients:

We are totally committed to applying our best efforts, technology and education to accomplish our clients’ goals for the best possible outcomes.  Our passion to serve is tempered by humility and our pledge to pursue the greater good of civilization as a whole.  Serving our clients is our reason for existence.

To Our Employees:

We view our employees as our most valuable asset in the pursuit of our mission. As such, we will treat our employees with dignity, trust and respect. We will continually empower the growth and development of each individual for the purpose of creating an environment of unity. Unity of cause. Unity of spirit. Unity of outcome.

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